Remember Them Old TV Sets That Looked Like a Piece of Furniture?

When I was a kid there was one television set in the house. It was a huge TV, but not the screen. The big screens came much later. Our first TV was a portable on a metal stand with wheels. The second one was like a piece of furniture. It had a wooden cabinet, and the flat surface on top was as big as a table. Mom used to decorate the top with a doily and a centerpiece. Then came the cable box that sat on top followed by a VCR. My visit to brought back a lot of these old television memories.

When our new DirecTV service was hooked up to our brand new 4K Ultra HD big screen television set I got into a conversation with the technician. He remembered the big TV sets that looked like furniture from years ago. They had the big picture tubes and had tubes inside instead of solid-state circuitry. When they went on the blink, the good old technician’s tap got them going again. A technician’s tap is a sharp rap of the hand on the side of the cabinet of an old TV set. It would usually get a jittery and discolored picture working again. It sure does not work like that now. Hit a big screen TV today and it will fall over!

I like to reminisce about the old days, but I am really pleased with the advancements in television watching. We would miss our favorite TV episodes if it weren’t for DVR. We work odd hours and really like the advanced features of DirecTV DVR satellite receivers. You can record a lot of TV shows and movies. You can also record up to five things at one time. You couldn’t do any of that just a few years ago. Yes, TV has come a long way since I was a child.

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