Terry Gilliam Presents a New CG Steampunk Epic, How to Fly a Harrier

Terry Gilliam 1884

Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.


Everything the Internet Knows About Me (Because I Asked It)

The scrobble is what bridges the gap between me and Nicholas Feltron. He famously compiles a beautifully designed “annual report” of his life with data that includes every alcoholic beverage he drinks and the mode of transportation every time he moves from one place to another. Some of that is compiled with the help of digital tools, but the rest requires a devotion to self-quantification that will never gain broad adoption.

The Blast Shack (Bruce Sterling)

The one grand certainty about the consumers of Cablegate is that diplomats are gonna be reading those stolen cables. Not hackers: diplomats. Hackers bore easily, and they won’t be able to stand the discourse of intelligent trained professionals discussing real-life foreign affairs.



  • It’s list season, and Bad Astronomy’s got a great roundup of the top 14 astronomy pictures from 2010. [From: Bad Astronomy]
  • Joystiq’s got the best iOS games for your iPhone or iPad. [From: Joystiq]
  • The recently declassified flight manual for the Harrier Jump Jet reveals how to pull chocks on the deck, gun pack tips and much more for VTOL nerds. [From: Wired]

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