‘Beacon’ Is a Platformer Lost in Space

For gamers, getting lost isn’t something to fear, as the thrill of discovering and escaping from unknown lands is integral to some of our most cherished gaming experiences. (‘Myst,’ anyone?) This week, we’ll lose ourselves in five games that delve fearlessly into the unfamiliar.

Rock-solid platformer ‘Beacon‘ is perfect for speed running, and manages to capture both the excitement and melancholy of being lost. Taking the role of an astronaut stranded far from home, you must explore the dangerous world around you in order to find some way to escape. The game evokes a strong sense of wonder through its 8-bit landscape as it urges you to progress further into the mysterious labyrinth that lies beneath the planet’s surface. Even if making sense of the minimal plot is of no interest to you, the smooth, jetpack-assisted platforming is more than fun enough to make this 15-minute jaunt worth your time.

Gallery: Beacon

Beacon is available as a free download for PC, Mac and Linux.

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