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Iron Man Arc Chest Light

There’s a friendly local gaming store in a certain southern city that has a man behind the counter who hates Iron Man. You cannot mention Iron Man in the presence of this guy without him flying off the handle for a good 20 minutes about how much he despises Tony Stark for all the things […]

How To Speak Zombie – A guide for the Living

“Remember that scene in that zombie movie where the people survive by adopting the mannerisms and speech patterns of the zombie horde? They walk right through the undead and nobody even notices them. Totally the best idea ever, right? (Admit it, it’s in your notebook under “”Ideas On How To Survive Zombie Invasion.””) You’ll need […]

The Big Bubble Thing

The world looks beautiful, the world looks so damn beautiful. And it’s because of fantastic bubbles. Bubbles and the miracle of the double rainbow. One thing you might not realize about bubbles is that the soap in bubble solution actually decreases water’s surface tension. Soap stabilizes bubbles, helping to selectively strengthen the weakest parts of […]

Millennium Falcon: A 3-D Owner’s Guide

“Whether you’re running a busy company or you’re a… *cough* independent operator, we’re glad you’ve chosen a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 light freighter. Please take a moment to flip through this operation manual and get acquainted with the features of your new ship. Sections include: Armaments Sensors Defense Propulsion Piloting Crew Quarters Life Support Cargo […]

Ice Princess Ice Cube Straws

The best part about being a wee geek is the imagination. After all, your parents have exposed you to Tolkien and Romero and Rowling and Roddenberry and all sorts of fantastic things ever since you were a few cells in your Mommy’s uterus. It’s no wonder you grow up wanting to be a zombie witch […]


Despite strong photographic evidence to the contrary, we monkeys believe that the world is a flat plate held on the back of a turtle, standing on a turtle, standing on a turtle, standing on a turtle, standing on a turtle, standing on a turtle, standing on a turtle, standing on a turtle, standing on a […]

Aba-Conundrums Kids Abacus Puzzle

“Before graphing calculators, there were regular calculators. We 30-something-and-up nerds remember those days clearly… but then there’s the younger generation. “”But ThinkGeek,”” they whine. “”How can it be a calculator if it doesn’t do ALL the calculations? I can’t even play Snake on this? WEAK.”” Can you imagine them living back in the day when […]

Kitastick Linking Chopsticks

When you lack chopstick-fu, it can be a little socially awkward. Especially when you go out with friends and everyone else is eating with chopsticks. There you are, bringing a pitchfork to the toothpick party. The other downside? Because you’re shoveling in the food while they are daintily picking it up one piece at a […]

Gyrowheel – Gyroscopic Training Wheel

We’ve found yet another thing that belongs in the Where Was This When WE Were Kids? category. Let’s assume your parents pried you away from your console, pulled your nose out of The Complete Psionics Handbook, and forced you into the great outdoors. If they’re anything like our parents, they even locked us out of […]

Gadget Shaped Stretchy Bracelets

“You might be thinking, “”My kid needs WHAT? A bunch of rubber bands to wear on their wrists? SRSLY?”” And there’s your wee geek, all misty-eyed, insisting that their social status for like, EVER depends on them wearing these rubber bands to school. Sheesh. Before you get all judgmental though, let’s take a trip down […]