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Doctor Who 11th Doctor Crash 2-pack

“When the TARDIS crashes in young Amelia’s back yard, the Doctor that emerges is still wearing what was left of the 10th Doctor’s suit. It’s ripped, raggedy, and probably a bit burned after the TARDIS’ control room exploded. He’s also wet from apparently falling in its swimming pool. Amelia tries to help by frying him […]

Vertical Wall Mount for Stars Wars Force FX Lightsabers

You’ve been a Jedi for a while. Maybe you first felt the pull of the Force when you were a wee geek, or maybe you were of imbibing age when A New Hope was released. There’s one thing that we’ve all noticed: while we’re trained in lightsaber combat, we actually haven’t had to use our […]

Serenity Big Damn Heroes

You’re gonna come with us. You like ships. You don’t seem to be lookin’ at the destinations. Whatcha care about is the ships and Serenity’s the nicest. She may not look like much, but she’ll fool ya. Where you go don’t matter. How you get there is the worthier part. You’re welcome to visit the […]

Exclusive Zombie Ninja Mez-Itz Action Figure

“Everyone thinks zombies are scary – but no one has really given a lot of thought to zombie variations. Think about it. What if, now just what if zombies retain some skills of the living body they have reanimated? Even if they did for a short time, it’s a frightening proposition. Zombie football players might […]

“Mario Bros. 2″” Figure 6 Pack”

“The word “”six pack”” and Mario just don’t seem to go together. With Mario’s ample belly, it’s clear that he lacks a six-pack of abdominal muscles. While Mario is certainly athletic (he has spectacular leg muscles from all that jumping), he’s definitely not sporting washboard abs. Maybe the six-pack that would go best with Mario […]

Nightmare Before Christmas Treasure Box

“What’s in the box? It’s a bat! It’s a rat! Will it bend? Will it break? Perhaps it’s the head that we found in the lake. That’s nearly correct – it was two heads and we found them behind the dumpster next to the chair one of the new CS monkeys broke on his first […]

Star Wars Mini Collector Vehicles

“Getting right to it then: this was a very tough product to categorize for us. With each item ordered you get a highly detailed little ship. The ship is all metal, comes in its own display case with space backdrop, and is just gorgeous. You also get a glorious mini-magazine, chock full of facts, pictures, […]

Star Trek Classic Communicator

Captain Kirk is known for many things; one thing is being prepared for anything. Whenever Captain Kirk left the Enterprise, there were always three things he made sure he was equipped with. His Phaser, a tear-away shirt, and his Communicator. The Phaser we already sell. The shirt you’ll have to make yourself. And the Communicator […]

Iron Man 2 Deluxe Figures

“It is really easy to hate Tony Stark. He’s a one-man show. He’s always the center of attention, even when he’s trying NOT to be the center of attention. He forgets important details about the people he supposedly cares about (strawberries, anyone?), and he gets his friends into more trouble than they can get out […]

Star Trek Original Series Tricorder

“Time to ruin a bit of mystery for you. You know all the times that Spock beamed down to an alien planet and kept looking at his tricorder? He always claimed he was looking for lifeforms or scanning the atmosphere. But all that was a lie! A LIE! You know what he was really using […]