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Boba Fett Plush Rocket Backpack

“Bob A. Fett is a hard working young man. Though he isn’t the most popular clone at school, he still has a sense of style. Bob likes wearing his jetpack around. Now, he’s not allowed to fly around during school hours, so he uses his pack to carry his stuff. Soda, books, candy – all […]

Urbanears High Fashion Headphones

“It used to be that we had two devices in our sacks-o-gadgets: music players and phones. When your phone rang, you pulled your headphones off and pressed your phone to your ear. When you were done, on go the headphones again and your music resumes. It wasn’t really tedious, though – it was what we […]

World’s Smallest MicroSD Card Reader

Gentlemen will be astounded, ladies will faint, and children’s mouths will gape in amazement! You will not believe your eyes when you see the item we have behind this curtain. It takes technology that once filled an entire room and squeezes it down into something you could fit into your mouth! (Don’t do that.) You […]

USB Squid

“Ok, you caught us: we lied to you all. The USB Squid is not a real squid, as squids have 8 legs and 2 tentacles. Heck, it’s not even an octopus – they have 8 arms. The USB Squid has four arms, so it’s sort of more a quadropus. But it more than makes up […]

USB Super 16 Port Hub

“When meeting a new person, the instant you tell them you work at ThinkGeek, you get interesting reactions. Most of them are “”OMG, you’re so lucky!”” (Yep, we are!) The best one heard recently by one of our monkeys was, “”ThinkGeek… that’s the place with all the USB stuff, right?”” It sure is! If it’s […]

Darth Vader USB Hub

Vader – once Anakin Skywalker, though that name no longer has any meaning to him – When we were just younglings, that breathy evil space-samurai used to give us nightmares. Now, though, Lucas has turned him into a simple misunderstood uberjedi with a few mechanical upgrades. Still, that lovable 7 foot-tall misanthrope is the coolest […]

Connect-A-Desk Laptop Holder

Walking upright is a sure sign that you’re evolved, but we think you should take it one step further and walk upright while computing. The Connect-A-Desk is a new product that gives you the ability to use your laptop with both hands free, to type while walking or standing. Includes the laptop harness & desk, […]

My Documents Laptop Sleeve

“If you were to wrap your digital life into one convenient package, that package would likely be a laptop computer. Being able to not only store your files but carrying them with you, and having the ability to access them is a large part of what’s driven laptop sales to surpass desktop sales this year. […]

MP3 Retro Speaker Amp

“These days, most speakers that are sold as “”MP3 speakers”” are pitiful and anemic little things, shaped like bubbles and sounding like, well… sounding like crap, frankly. Buzzy, tinny and no bass response. Sad and pathetic, but what’s a proper rocking geek god supposed to do to entertain his entourage with the latest nerdcore or […]

UMPC Laptop Sleeve

The diminutive netbook seems like the wave of the future for laptops. Now that you’ve no doubt collected one of these electronic web surfing trinkets for yourself… where to store it? It sort of defeats the purpose of an ultra small laptop to store it in a bulky case. Luckily the UMPC Laptop Sleeve is […]