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USB to SATA/IDE Combo Kit

“Let’s face it – computer geeks collect files. Many of them large, some of them illicit, and perhaps even one or two illegal. Hey, we’re not here to judge – we’re here to help! Those files often live on hard-drives that occasionally get upgraded. The old drive gets ripped out in favor of the new […]

Timmy’s Tactical Attach

Star Wars 4GB Flash Drives

Darth Vader’s head comes off. In the movies, his helmet was a two-part, life saving device. But it still (mostly) came off. If you have a LEGO Vader, his head comes off. And now, there’s another version of Vader with the removable noggin. But this one holds a secret – inside Darth’s neck is a […]

Mimo Mini USB Monitor

Looking for that extra bit of screen real estate to get you through the busy workday? Referring to notes while writing an e-mail, checking info in a spreadsheet while entering data into a web page, keeping an eye on your to-do list while browsing YouTube… it’s handy to have additional monitor space at the ready. […]

NASA Accidentally Sells Off Computers With Sensitive Data

NASA recently decided to sell off some of its old computers. Unfortunately, though, it forgot to erase some of the sensitive data that many of those computers still held.

The embarrassing oversight came to light in a recent internal investigation (PDF…

These are a few of Woz’s favorite things

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak enchanted members of a press tour late last week with the nine gadgets that proved most influential on his development as a computer guru.

His picks range from an IBM programmable punch-card machine to the Honeywell Kit…

Lilliput Mini USB Monitor

Looking for that extra bit of screen real estate to get you through the busy workday? Problem is, an entire secondary monitor comes with its own needs like a separate power or an additional video card. The Lilliput Mini USB Monitor changes this equation completely. A single USB connection from your computer gets you an […]

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

“After falling in love with the iPad, you chucked your laptop out the window and swore that your life had changed forever. But it wasn’t long before your laptop started following you around, was it? Little by little you began to leave your iPad behind. You wished that you were using it more. You wished […]

Razer Naga: MMO Gaming Mouse

PC Gamer’s Editors’ Choice Award Winner After months of stalking news of Cataclysm from gaming websites and blogs to the Twitter feeds of lucky beta testers, we’re going to get our hands on it on December 7th! And we’re going to be ready to tank and spank, we’ll tell ya that. No QQing from us, […]

ProMini Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad

When you get home from a long day in front of a computer at work, sometimes the last thing you want to do is sit in front of your computer at home. Maybe you want to play your iTunes while relaxing on the couch with your significant other. Or maybe you just want to be […]