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Picture.bmp Photo Frame

“Perhaps you’ve got a photo of you and your honey on a beach in Fiji that you’d like to display to the world. Maybe you’ve got a shot of you peering boldly over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Then again, you may have photographic evidence of Bigfoot hanging out at a party with you […]

NERF Transforming Assault Blaster

Sometimes you need some shock and awe in your office arsenal. And that’s when you’ll grab your NERF Transforming Assault Blaster. No funny stories here, this blaster is just one of the nicest NERF guns in the world. It shoots great, has a pump-action, shotgun-style reloading, and holds a clip of 6 darts. And it’s […]

Minifigure Custom Weapons Pack

Security breach in Sector Seven: aliens – lots and lots of aliens. The Minifigure Army knows they need a bit more fire power that the weird flashlight things they’ve been using. They open up the special locker for just such emergencies and pass out some unbelievable firepower. Ensign Liotta grabs a Walther P38 because he […]

Da Vinci’s Wood Catapult Kit

“Leonardo Da Vinci was a gifted artist. A look into his illustrations proves what a genius he was . . . a comic genius, that is. Scattered throughout his inventions and anatomical diagrams are caricatures of his students – exaggerating their features (especially on the pupils he didn’t like). It’s true; look it up. Anywho, […]

The Slanket (R)

It seems no matter where your office building is located, the core temperature of the building will almost always be too cold. This is for two main reasons: first, it’s cheaper in winter to not crank the heat and secondly, HR doesn’t want employees getting nekkid if their offices are too hot. If you’re lucky, […]

Platonic Solids Desk Set

“In Dungeons and Dragons, your standard set of dice includes the 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sided dice. All save the d10 are what math-geeks call the “”platonic solids,”” or 3d geometric shapes that are made of congruent regular polygons. Plato thought, at one time, that all of the classic elements of earth, […]

Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture

“On the opening day for Iron Man 2, a gaggle of 35 ThinkGeek monkeys played hooky from work to go to the movie theater. (It’s okay, our boss was there, too.) Our purpose was two-fold. Firstly, we can’t resist a good geeky movie, especially ones with Marvel characters. But secondly, we wanted to find the […]

Robobox Stencil and Pen Set

Do you dream of drawing totally sweet robots, but you were blessed with nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, or computer hacking skills instead? When you grab a pen or marker to draw things, they never come out the way you envision them in your head. In fact, the things you set out to draw often […]

Avenging Unicorn Playset

“Unicorns – so magical, so mysterious. There are so many things you know, and so many yet to learn. Let’s shed some light on these fantabulous creatures. Unicorns never lie. Unicorns are loyal and great at keeping secrets. Unicorns never, ever use drugs. Oh, and if you push a unicorn too far, it’ll stab you […]

Atari Wall Decals

Millions of years ago, if a geek wanted to play videogames, he had to take a pocketful of quarters to the mall where darkened rooms filled with 6-foot-tall cabinets bleeped and blooped in glowing 8-bit goodness. Before we measured the quality of our games in voxels, we had to use our imaginations and believe that […]