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Tool Logic Survival Card with Firestarter

A brand new shiny credit card: good. A brand new shiny credit card with an extremely high credit limit: better. A credit card survival tool that can start a fire: priceless (especially in emergency situations). If you’re venturing into the wilderness or just your own backyard, it’s nice to be well prepared. Being able to […]

Spy Keylogger

“Until such time as the CerebroSilica Brain-O-Matic 3000 interface between your grey-matter and your computer is invented, the best way to dump what’s in your mind into your computer is through a keyboard. Everything from your quarterly sales figures to your personal private journal entry to your credit card numbers get typed into your keyboard. […]

The ThinkGeek EvilTron

“[* USE sphorbtime *] [* IF sphorbtime.compare( before = ‘2010-10-22 23:59:00′ ) *] Buy One EvilTron, Get One Free! Put one in your cart, then use code FREEVIL at checkout by 11:59pm ET 10/22/10 to get another one free. [* END *] Easy-to-hide with six creepy sound choices There are a lot of scary things […]

Spycam Video/MP3/Camera Sunglasses

Multi-function sunglasses – shoot video, take photos, and play MP3s! Sunglasses can be used as part of a disguise or to build an identity. In some old school spy and detective type movies, sunglasses are used as a way to hide a character’s identity and try to blend in and not look obvious. Other times, […]

Vers Wood iPhone Case

There may be other amazing mobile phones, but let’s face it your iPhone is the international supermodel of smartphones… and last time we had a chat it demanded only the very best. So chuck that crappy silicone case you bought for $5 from a mall kiosk and treat your iPhone right with luxurious natural wood. […]

GorillaTorch LED Light

The clever Gorillatorch LED Light secures to virtually any surface and allows you to cast a focused beam of intense light anywhere and everywhere. Use it in ways you could never use a traditional flashlight: pop it under the car-hood when checking the engine, attach it to the bedpost for lights-out reading, secure it to […]

DIY Electronics Design & Projects Kit

Being a geek means being naturally curious about the world around you. Since you love electronic products you are also likely to be very interested in how they actually work. What are the basic electronic parts? How do they function? How are they related to one another? These questions and more can be answered by […]

La Crosse Battery Charger with LCD Display

“Batteries are not exactly the most exciting thing in the world unless we’re talking about some kind of cutting edge energy storage technology. They are critical, however, to the health and happiness of our handheld gadgets, laptops, cellphones and tech toys. Without modern re-chargeable batteries our technology landscape would look vastly different with enough power […]

Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointer

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener

As an avid online shopper (primarily ThinkGeek, of course) you are certainly familiar with one of life’s minor hassles – plastic clam shell packaging. These nearly impenetrable clear plastic fortresses are an annoying barrier between you and your shiny new toy. It isn’t enough that you’ve had to wait almost 36 hours since placing your […]