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Hang In There

Have you always wanted to visit the tallest peaks in the world? Here’s your chance! Welcome to Uncharted Adventures, your fully-licensed, authentic tour operator specializing in journeys to areas of Nepal, Tibet, and the Himalayas. We strive to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. With us you can see the mountains up close and […]

Achievement Unlocked: Red Ring of Death

“This article was previously published under Q1337 SYMPTOMS Your Xbox 360 bricked. Three flashing red lights indicate its non-responsiveness. Also known as a general hardware failure. Also known as the Red Ring of Death. CAUSE This is by design. You really should step away from the console and get out more. RESOLUTION Have you tried […]

USB Classic Joystick

“We at ThinkGeek are skeptical of product claims. We pour all our experience with technology, actual and science-fictional, into analyzing the specs, and we generally make the right choices: we bought classic Macs and Sidekicks and loved them, yet deftly avoided PC Juniors and Windows Mobile phones. Okay, well, there was NGAGE… Anyway, when this […]

Daft Chief Master Punk

“To unlock this armor permutation you’ll have to get the achievement “”Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”” This state-of-the-art titanium helmet features a real-time heads-up display which provides zoom functionality, motion tracking, and tempo control. The exterior casing is capable of various LED effects, which can be synched with other armor parts like gloves or more unconventional […]

Chew through the undersea ecosystem in Hungry Shark Trilogy HD

I have a new favorite iPad game, and it is Hungry Shark Trilogy HD. Maybe it’s because I have an unreasonable fear of sharks that I love Hungry Shark so much. It allows me to control the very thing I fear. In Hungry Shark Trilogy you play as the shark…

WikiLeaks Exposes Kim Jong-Il’s Son as Gaming Geek

There have been a few bizarre tidbits in the WikiLeaks data dump, particularly about China hacking Google and how Iran’s neighbors have been quietly pushing the U.S. to take military action against the country. Then there is this little gossipy morsel…

Real Racing 2 coming to iOS December 16th

After a few weeks of teasing and hints, Firemint has finally revealed all about its upcoming Real Racing 2 game for iOS, and it looks extremely impressive. The first game in the series is still one of the most popular and well done racing games in the…

‘Tron’-Inspired ‘Neon Rider’ is a Multi-Tasking Thrill Ride

Perhaps you’ve heard of a little game that came out recently called ‘Gran Turismo 5.’ The long-awaited racing simulator has finally dropped on PS3, and we’ve had racing games on our brains. We can’t escape the urge to experience high-speed thrills, an…

Modder creates robotic Level 10 case, intimidates fellow gamers in the process

Thermaltake’s Level 10 chassis is not only pretty bad-ass in its own right, it’s also inspired Stephen “LeatherFace” Popa to do a little case moddin’. The outcome of all this, Rog-R, is described as a “remote operating gaming rig,” and it features a r…

Cut the Rope holiday version now available

Chillingo has joined the holiday fun with Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift edition. The holiday version of Cut the Rope is a universal app, separate from the regular app, and offered free of charge.
If you have somehow missed Cut the Rope, do yourself a favo…