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Autoloader – Screwdriver Tool

You know how it goes. You’ve just gotten some sort of new piece of furniture or electronics. Maybe you’ve broken something (again) and have been tasked with fixing it. You whip out your trusty toolbox in search of the right screwdriver. But screwdriver after screwdriver, bit after bit, nothing fits. Much like trying to squeeze […]

Vertical Wall Mount for Stars Wars Force FX Lightsabers

You’ve been a Jedi for a while. Maybe you first felt the pull of the Force when you were a wee geek, or maybe you were of imbibing age when A New Hope was released. There’s one thing that we’ve all noticed: while we’re trained in lightsaber combat, we actually haven’t had to use our […]

Line Tracking Robot

The laws of robotics are a wonderful. They keep all of us from being afraid of our Roombas and automated litterboxes. But what happens when you give your tween geek a robot building kit? Well, if you’re lucky and have raised your child right, you should end up with a functioning, three laws safe robot. […]

Minifigure Custom Weapons Pack

Security breach in Sector Seven: aliens – lots and lots of aliens. The Minifigure Army knows they need a bit more fire power that the weird flashlight things they’ve been using. They open up the special locker for just such emergencies and pass out some unbelievable firepower. Ensign Liotta grabs a Walther P38 because he […]

42 Utility Towel

“The Towel is perhaps the most important invention of whatever century it was invented in. The Towel is the most massively useful tool to take with you on your trips throughout the universe. It is handy for oh so many reasons: you can sleep on it, rub food and sauces on it for later consumption, […]

Serenity Big Damn Heroes

You’re gonna come with us. You like ships. You don’t seem to be lookin’ at the destinations. Whatcha care about is the ships and Serenity’s the nicest. She may not look like much, but she’ll fool ya. Where you go don’t matter. How you get there is the worthier part. You’re welcome to visit the […]

Da Vinci’s Wood Catapult Kit

“Leonardo Da Vinci was a gifted artist. A look into his illustrations proves what a genius he was . . . a comic genius, that is. Scattered throughout his inventions and anatomical diagrams are caricatures of his students – exaggerating their features (especially on the pupils he didn’t like). It’s true; look it up. Anywho, […]

Star Wars Chop Sabers

But now, we must eat. Come, good food, come… and meet your end in the grasp of the Star Wars Chop Sabers. They’re lightsabers, they’re chopsticks, they’ll change the way you experience your favorite Asian foods. If you missed the chance to pick these up at San Diego Comic Con 2009, now is the time […]

Hand-Forged Feasting Utensils

“You stroll through the village, laughing and telling stories of past adventures. You doff your hat to the ladies as they walk by, and bow as the noblemen pass. Everything is going swell, and then you hear the noise of a savage beast: your stomach. It is empty and angry about it. Good thing you […]

Video Swim Mask

Little did you know, all the underwater scenes in The Little Mermaid were filmed using Video Swim Masks. (You see, the local Merpeople Videographers Union 42 refused to work the project, so humans had to be used.) The scuba diver crewmen couldn’t handle all their gear and their video cameras, so the great Mouse himself […]