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Geeknet Shirt

“You know how some of those breakfast places do these skillets that basically take everything that’s good and right in breakfast food and smush it all together to make one culinary masterpiece composed of bacony-sausagey-eggy-potatoey-biscuits (with gravy) which is somehow greater than each of those individual breakfast foods? Geeknet’s like that. It’s the parent company […]

Dexter’s Kill Shirt

Dexter is meticulous. Everything has to be just so, which frequently involves an inordinate amount of Saran Wrap. And so we were elated when we found this shirt, which we’re naming Dexter’s Kill Shirt, because its look is just so. It’s the same fabric as the shirt Dexter wears for all his kills. It’s the […]


This is a shirt in celebration of GeekDad, where being a geek and being a parent come together in a gravity well so strong not even light can escape. GeekDad is all about parenting in the digital age: geek parents raising offspring in their own geeky image. And here at ThinkGeek we’re all in favor […]

Bring Out Your Undead

“You’re pretty safe with this one as long as the dude doesn’t argue that he’s not dead yet. And for the most part in this scenario, the only thing your dead guy is likely to say is “”Braaaaains.”” And with the Black Knight by your side, bellowing “”None Shall PASS!”” it’s all good. As long […]

The Onion: America’s Finest News Source

This classic Onion tee is made from the finest cotton threads, in the finest factory, by the finest children. Dolphin-friendly. If you chuckled at that, this is probably the shirt for you. If you were offended, you probably don’t need to bother ever visiting our favorite news site. Don’t click that link. Not even a […]


“The thing about any office space is that it tends to resemble every other office space you’ve ever been in. Same circus, different clowns. Or in this case, chickens. If any of these sound familiar to you, you may be working in a fustercluck situation: Listening to eight evil boss chickens clucking something about TPS […]

Combustible Trousers

“When a handful of us got this suggestion through the Bounty Program, we all giggled. We took it to a group meeting. Everybody there giggled, too. And then we had the natural progression of turning our collective thoughts to that Mythbusters episode about the exploding pants. The idea they were testing was whether a story […]

The Wesley Crushers

Sheldon’s creation of The Wesley Crushers (no, not The Wesley Crushers, The Wesley CRUSHers) made us wonder if we could come up with additional geeky bowling team names. When we’re not working on our world domination strategy at ThinkGeek HQ, this is the sort of stuff we do. Or possibly the geeky bowling team is […]

Tag Shirt

Your neighbor has this piece of property which she quite erroneously refers to as a home. It’s not a home; it’s a swirling vortex of entropy. And since she sleeps like the dead (and has a snoring problem that really needs medical attention), she shouldn’t mind you cleaning it. Who wouldn’t want to wake up […]

Canned Unicorn Meat Shirt

“The product that created our favorite Cease & Desist ever is now available as a t-shirt! That’s right. Celebrate your love for all things sparkly and litigious with a genuine Canned Unicorn Meat shirt, featuring a photorealistic image of the iconic can (with key on the side) and the claim that there’s “”Magic in Every […]