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Picture.bmp Photo Frame

“Perhaps you’ve got a photo of you and your honey on a beach in Fiji that you’d like to display to the world. Maybe you’ve got a shot of you peering boldly over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Then again, you may have photographic evidence of Bigfoot hanging out at a party with you […]

iRig iPhone Guitar Interface

“We knew it was coming. Eventually, someone would come up with an awesome way for us to connect our electric guitars and basses right into our iPhones. (The iPhone to brain connection is still in development.) When we found the iRig, we knew our search was over. The AmpliTube iRig is a combination of an […]

Video Out Cable for iPhone & iPad

Seems like all of life’s precious moments are being documented via iPhone these days. We’re holding them aloft and recording our favorite song at the Paul & Storm show, we’re getting footage of that weird tongue face our cat makes when we scratch his butt and uploading it to Facebook, and those of us with […]

Minifigure Custom Weapons Pack

Security breach in Sector Seven: aliens – lots and lots of aliens. The Minifigure Army knows they need a bit more fire power that the weird flashlight things they’ve been using. They open up the special locker for just such emergencies and pass out some unbelievable firepower. Ensign Liotta grabs a Walther P38 because he […]

iPad Candyshell Case

It amuses us when products are described like they are food when they are not in fact edible. For example, butter colored paint does not taste like butter. Learn from our fail, friends. At any rate, while this iPad case is shiny like the exterior of a candy-coated chocolate bit and soft on the inside, […]

iCradle iPhone Stand

Life is too complicated. We love our gadgets and toys as much as the next geek and we love our furniture as much as the next couch potato. But at some point, life becomes cluttered and insane. We know you may have a method to your madness and be able to know exactly which inch […]

The Slanket (R)

It seems no matter where your office building is located, the core temperature of the building will almost always be too cold. This is for two main reasons: first, it’s cheaper in winter to not crank the heat and secondly, HR doesn’t want employees getting nekkid if their offices are too hot. If you’re lucky, […]

Platonic Solids Desk Set

“In Dungeons and Dragons, your standard set of dice includes the 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sided dice. All save the d10 are what math-geeks call the “”platonic solids,”” or 3d geometric shapes that are made of congruent regular polygons. Plato thought, at one time, that all of the classic elements of earth, […]

Mini Desktop iPhone Dock

“It’s really annoying having to undress our iPhones before plugging them into a charger. Reminds us of getting bundled up in our snowsuits as kids. After all, as soon as you got the snowsuit, boots, mittens, and hat firmly in place, that was the exact moment when your bladder would pipe up. “”Oh hai,”” it […]

iPad Flexstand

We love the Gorillapod device stands. They let us set up our digicams and flipcams wherever we want and keep them steady no matter how crooked the surface. So when we found the FlexStand for iPad, we knew it was a match made in gadget heaven. The FlexStand is designed to protect, personalize, and enhance […]