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Bacon Soap

How many times has the following scenario happened to you? You wake up late and have to compress your morning routine into a matter of minutes. In order to get fed and clean, you shower and eat breakfast at the same time. You close your eyes to prevent soap from getting in, and lather up. […]

Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clock Lamp

“Straight from the streets of Coruscant, where capitalism reigns supreme, come this pair of alarm clocks. Full of features, they are, and all crammed into a bobble-head-esque version of two of the most beloved Star Wars characters of all time: Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Who wouldn’t want to go to bed with one of […]

Tetris Mug

You’re welcome! What is it with earworms anyway? You start thinking about a song and then BAM! there it is in your head, playing itself on endless loop. And it’s never the whole song; it’s always some random snippet. In a recent study, 9 out of 10 adults have reported having an earworm that lasted […]

Lapinator Insulated Laptop Desk

These days there are many devices that allow you to do your computing while still being mobile, but you always end up returning to home base – that being your wireless laptop. And if you’re anything like us you use your laptop computer in a variety of settings, most of them involving having the laptop, […]

Mvix Ultio Pro 1080p Bit Torrent Media Player

“Digital Media Set-top boxes are multiplying like bunnies these days. Luckily ThinkGeek is here to help you cut through the crap and find the media box who can be BFF with your 50″” HD flat-screen and killer audio system. Mvix, the folks responsible for bringing you some of the first digital media hard drive enclosures […]

Sway Magnetically Suspended Cat Toy

“Okay, cats. You’re pretty sure you’ve seen through all of the stupid human tricks. You don’t fall for festively colored fake mice, you yawn at the sight of the jingle ball, and attacking the feet under the covers is sooooo last month. You’re about ready to write humans off and just amuse yourselves. There are […]

Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy

Since we’ve already given our children handheld video game systems for self-amusement, we now turn to the automagical entertainment of our pets. After all, with all the damage we’re doing to our median nerve typing on a computer all day, the last thing we need to do is pick up a laser pointer and twirl […]

Ice Straws

It’s rumored that the first drinking straws were cut from dried wheat shaffs. But as our technology evolved, we moved on to better materials. Whoops! Okay, not at first. Wax-coated paper straws were pretty fail for long-term drinking. We eventually got things right with plastic straws and bendy straws. Oooh, and super fat bubble tea […]

Digital Photo Mug

“We caffeine addicts would like to remind you why we have a drinking problem. A coffee drinking problem. Occasionally a Tea Earl Grey Hot problem. We drink because we stay up late playing new releases. We drink because the internet is just too hard to put down. We drink because staring at lines of code […]

The Ex – Unique Pen Holder

“Six. Six pens. Ha ha ha. Who would we like to stab today? Let’s stab that annoying guy we know who irons his underwear. *stab* ONE! ONE PEN STABBING! Ha ha ha! What about stabbing that hyperactive guy with the high pitched voice and red hair? *stab* TWO! TWO PENS STABBING! Ha ha ha! What […]