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Iron Man Arc Chest Light

There’s a friendly local gaming store in a certain southern city that has a man behind the counter who hates Iron Man. You cannot mention Iron Man in the presence of this guy without him flying off the handle for a good 20 minutes about how much he despises Tony Stark for all the things […]

LEGO Star Wars Army Pack

You’ve got your Echo Base LEGO Set and you’re ready to recreate the Battle of Hoth, complete with Instant Snow. But what happens when your minifigs die in battle? With only a couple snowtroopers, a couple rebels, and Han Solo, the Battle of Hoth would end pretty quickly. Or you’d have to recycle guys. Even […]

Mario Kart Racetrack Set

Our office geek girls were happy to see Princess Peach represented in this slot car set. Finally, self-rescuing princesses everywhere can have their own car rather than being a stinky plumber. Oh, and we can do what needs to be done, which is leaving Mario and Luigi in our dust! Take that, boys! Okay, but […]

Line Tracking Robot

The laws of robotics are a wonderful. They keep all of us from being afraid of our Roombas and automated litterboxes. But what happens when you give your tween geek a robot building kit? Well, if you’re lucky and have raised your child right, you should end up with a functioning, three laws safe robot. […]

Video Swim Mask

Little did you know, all the underwater scenes in The Little Mermaid were filmed using Video Swim Masks. (You see, the local Merpeople Videographers Union 42 refused to work the project, so humans had to be used.) The scuba diver crewmen couldn’t handle all their gear and their video cameras, so the great Mouse himself […]

How To Speak Zombie – A guide for the Living

“Remember that scene in that zombie movie where the people survive by adopting the mannerisms and speech patterns of the zombie horde? They walk right through the undead and nobody even notices them. Totally the best idea ever, right? (Admit it, it’s in your notebook under “”Ideas On How To Survive Zombie Invasion.””) You’ll need […]

LEGO Hero Factory

“The LEGO Hero Factory includes a whole bunch of different figures that are a part of the galaxy’s most powerful peace-keeping organization. But we thought, “”Saving the world is dumb, give us the evil guys!”” We’re all about the evil here at ThinkGeek, especially since everyone knows evil will always win because good is dumb. […]

BugBite Teether

When babies are born, they really can’t defend themselves from zombie invasion. About all they can do is hope that their brains are small enough to not be noticed in the teeming hordes of screaming adult humans. If that fails, they need to hope their supersonic screaming drives away the zombies. Luckily, at about six […]

LEGO Harry Potter Game

LEGO has made a big splash in the board game world since releasing their line of 18 board games in the US. As hardcore gamers ourselves, we will do our best to tell you which are best for the gamer and which are best for wee geeks. Either way, LEGO pieces! Whee! The lead designer […]

The Big Bubble Thing

The world looks beautiful, the world looks so damn beautiful. And it’s because of fantastic bubbles. Bubbles and the miracle of the double rainbow. One thing you might not realize about bubbles is that the soap in bubble solution actually decreases water’s surface tension. Soap stabilizes bubbles, helping to selectively strengthen the weakest parts of […]