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Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clock Lamp

“Straight from the streets of Coruscant, where capitalism reigns supreme, come this pair of alarm clocks. Full of features, they are, and all crammed into a bobble-head-esque version of two of the most beloved Star Wars characters of all time: Darth Vader and Boba Fett. Who wouldn’t want to go to bed with one of […]

USB LED Christmas Lights

When it gets to be that time of year, you start to notice it – ribbons and bows hanging on streetlights, maudlin and sappy music on the radio, and everything smells like cinnamon, and new plastic. *sniff* that’s a good smell. The Holiday Season is upon us, and with it comes the sights, sounds, and […]

Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles

“Lasers and super-bright flashlights are quite prevalent sources of illumination in science fiction. But fantasy has always chosen a more classical approach to light. Torches and magical fireballs and candles are what dispel the shadows and blackness of the night. Candles light Great Halls in schools of magical learning; they burn bright in the chambers […]

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver LED Flashlights

“Things are looking dark for our Doctor, what with all the [spoiler redacted] and the [spoiler redacted], and not to mention that time when he saw the [spoiler redacted] destroying [spoiler redacted] with the [spoiler redacted]. Gosh, that was EPIC. We never [emotional reaction redacted] so hard as when [spoiler redacted], either. Wow. Who knew […]

Twist Equation Alarm Clock

“Math and time have something in common. Can you guess what? If you guessed “”numbers,”” give yourself a pat on the back. If you guessed “”emu,”” go get some help. But seriously folks, did you know that math can help you get up in the morning? It sure will – especially if you have a […]

Icon Solo LED Pen Light

We’ve been known to occasionally leave the dark confines of our computer nooks and get out into the great outdoors. (Likelihood of this event increases exponentially if there is an opportunity to consume charred or smoked animal flesh.) Traveling minstrels that stopped by our World Domination HQ have sung us epic tales of geeks climbing […]

LED Motherboard Holiday Light Kits

Celebrate Chanuka or the Yuletide with these recycled LED motherboard kits. Some people still don’t know a lot about Judaism despite the fact that Jews invented monotheism, bagels, special relativity, and White Christmas…what, you don’t know from Irving Berlin? Oy. Anyway, since Jewish holidays are always moving around (on the Gregorian calendar), folks sometimes wonder […]

Holiday LED Blow On-Off Candles

Real fire… We like it. It gets hot, it looks pretty, and of course it can burn stuff. But fire that can burn in green and red? Can’t happen you say… well check out these stylish holiday candles that use flickering LEDs instead of real flames and are switchable between green and red light. Of […]

The ThinkGeek Epoch Alarm Clock

Show your love of numbers with this awesome clock! Reminiscent of the Rosetta Stone this multi-format alarm clock helps you easily convert between different numbering systems. Do you need to be able to effortlessly read the time in Binary or Hexadecimal? Well that’s debatable – but quickly converting a time display like C:2B into 12:43 […]

Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock

“The 80’s saw many trends come and go – our favorite, of course, was legwarmers, but coming in a close second were those colorful cubic twisty puzzles that boggled our minds. Remember solving them with a screwdriver? Yeah, we did that, too. We won’t tell if you don’t. Eventually, though, we figured out how to […]