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Mini HoverDrone

When highly evolved nano-aliens descend upon our planet to mine our plethora of carbon monoxide gasses they’ll surely be piloting something like this Mini HoverDrone. This is by far the smallest flying R/C device we’ve ever seen and it’s damn impressive in the air. With a diameter not much larger than a silver dollar and […]

SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot

Explore the dangerous terrain of your home or office with the SRV-1 Mobile Robot. This palm sized bot packs tank-like treads a 1000MIPS 500MHz Blackfin BF537 processor and a mini video camera. Using 802.11b/g wi-fi the SRV-1 interfaces wirelessly with a remote PC. The Java-based console software includes a built-in web server to monitor and […]

Zbit Mini R/C Robots

“Can 3 laws fit in 2 inches? These tiny robots captured our monkey hearts. They zoom around at breakneck speed, spin 360 degrees, and even light up and make robot noises. Since they’re on different frequencies, we can each run our own little robot and have epic robot battles. But we’re worried. In the morning […]

R/C Zombie

Life isn’t fair. Some people are born with good looks, others are born with exceptional talents and skills, and still others are born with massive intelligence. You? Well, you were born with all of those qualities (we know . . . just like us). But what to do with the rest of the world – […]

Flying F*CK R/C Helicopter

Hey… we’re all jaded and sometimes you just don’t give a flying f*ck… but wouldn’t it be nice if you could? Now you can give a flying f*ck to a friend or loved one. This fine r/c helicopter is in the form of a giant hovering F*CK. It has two-channel control meaning it is always […]

AR.Drone gets Urbi open source robot interface drivers, tracks a red rubber ball like nobody’s business (video)

Just when we thought that Parrot’s iPhone-controlled airship couldn’t be any more of a blast, a gentleman named Psykokwak (yes, really) has been hard at work on an implementation of the URBI (Universal Robot Body Interface) for the AR.Drone. And what’…

AR.Pursuit augmented reality shooter app for AR.Drone now available on iTunes

Do you really need another reason to lust after the AR.Drone? Ok, then how about AR.Pursuit, Parrot’s new multiplayer augmented reality game and the first developed for the AR.Drone? It just hit the iTunes App Store for $2.99. Sure, it’s a few days la…

Black Stealth 3-Channel R/C Helicopter

We have simple needs here at ThinkGeek. We would like artificially intelligent computers that can hold a real conversation, a manned Mars base with hyperspace travel to get us there quickly, burgers that don’t make you fat… and small R/C helicopters that fly exactly where you want them to go. Finally one of our geek […]

Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter

Here at ThinkGeek it seems like no matter how many little R/C helicopters we fly, we’re always looking for a new high with the next greatest model. Which is why we decided to kick the vicious copter cycle and go ahead and create the perfect micro indoor helicopter. The Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter is […]

R/C Airsoft Battle Tanks

Tired of using your imagination to fire your R/C tank at the enemy Bawls bottle which maliciously invaded your territorial sovereignty? Imagine no longer, and blast the enemy on your living room carpet with the powerful air motor turret on this R/C tank (uses self generated compressed air). Direct from Japan, this R/C battle tank […]