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42 Utility Towel

“The Towel is perhaps the most important invention of whatever century it was invented in. The Towel is the most massively useful tool to take with you on your trips throughout the universe. It is handy for oh so many reasons: you can sleep on it, rub food and sauces on it for later consumption, […]

Free Spirit

“Okay. So we’ll admit it. This xkcd had more than one of us here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ sniffling. It was totally something we got in our collective eyes. What with all the R/C helicopters flying through the air and powdered caffeinated candy being passed around here, you can totally understand. *sniff* Poor little […]

Periodic BaCoN

“Seems like everyone has a different way of eating these days. Just at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ we have the carnivores, the pescatarians, the vegetarians, the vegans, and then there’s our copywriter monkey who claims to be 100% vegetarian 80% of the time, which requires higher math when we pick a lunch place. Then there […]

Don’t Panic Towel

“May 25th is Towel Day, an international holiday honoring the memory of the late author Douglas Adams. Here at ThinkGeek, we’re all hoopy froods and know where our towels are. But where is yours? You haven’t FORGOTTEN why the towel is important, have you? Here’s a reminder: A towel, it says, is about the most […]

Torso-Friendly Hadron Collider

“To the tune of “”Particle Man”” and with apologies to They Might Be Giants: Large Hadron Collider, Large Hadron Collider Not particle man but particle guider Really cold place, zoomin’ around Large Hadron Collider Is it in France or is it Swiss? When it gets going does it cause an abyss? And is the Higgs […]

Color-In Periodic Table Tee

“You have been asking us forever to carry a periodic table shirt, and we haven’t picked one up because we wanted something spectacular. The periodic table on its own is awesome, but ours needed to be special. Something that appropriately highlighted our love for all things organized and chemical. So when we saw this color-in […]

Glow in the Dark Odd Pods Cacti Pals

“Glow in the Dark Odd Pods Cacti Pals used to be the name of a gang in the Wild West. They were an ornery bunch, who just happened to glow in the dark due to some . . . um . . . Wild West Glow Accident of Science. The result? They were the only […]

BUGS Stainless Steel Insects

It’s a good thing that these stainless steel insects can’t move or procreate… otherwise we’ve have an unstoppable metal epidemic on our hands. Instead the bugs come completely flat, cut from a metal card. You need to remove them from the card and carefully bend them into shape, creating mini metallic works of art in […]

100% Star Stuff

It’s humbling to think that every living thing that has ever existed in the universe or ever will is made of the same stuff as we are – very basic atoms formed in the core of hot stars billions of years ago and set on their interstellar journey when those stars exploded. Your fingers, your […]

Crystal Growing Kit

Since the dawn of time, shiny things have intrigued humankind. And ever since the first ape walked into a jewelry store, humans have loved crystals. They are delicate, they are beautiful, and understanding them is a key to advancing almost every branch of science. Now you can learn all about the beauty and wonder of […]