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Bacon Soap

How many times has the following scenario happened to you? You wake up late and have to compress your morning routine into a matter of minutes. In order to get fed and clean, you shower and eat breakfast at the same time. You close your eyes to prevent soap from getting in, and lather up. […]

Ice Straws

It’s rumored that the first drinking straws were cut from dried wheat shaffs. But as our technology evolved, we moved on to better materials. Whoops! Okay, not at first. Wax-coated paper straws were pretty fail for long-term drinking. We eventually got things right with plastic straws and bendy straws. Oooh, and super fat bubble tea […]

Digital Photo Mug

“We caffeine addicts would like to remind you why we have a drinking problem. A coffee drinking problem. Occasionally a Tea Earl Grey Hot problem. We drink because we stay up late playing new releases. We drink because the internet is just too hard to put down. We drink because staring at lines of code […]

The Ex – Unique Pen Holder

“Six. Six pens. Ha ha ha. Who would we like to stab today? Let’s stab that annoying guy we know who irons his underwear. *stab* ONE! ONE PEN STABBING! Ha ha ha! What about stabbing that hyperactive guy with the high pitched voice and red hair? *stab* TWO! TWO PENS STABBING! Ha ha ha! What […]

Flash Drive Bottle Opener

There are so many things that a geek should carry around, but if you did manage to remember all of them, you’d look like you were ready to hike the Alps. So we settle. We carry things like Swiss Army Knives or multitools. And of course, the one tool we really need is the one […]

Origami Colander

The problem with most food is that it either grows out of dirt, or it poops. Sorry to be so graphic, but it’s true. Whether your food is of the dirt-growing variety or excretes solid waste, you’re going to want to make sure it’s clean before you eat it. Back in olden times, you know […]

Gravity Activated Flipmill

There are a lot of you cooking geeks out there, and we count ourselves among them. Thanks to the likes of Julia Child, Gordon Ramsay, and Sir Alton Brown (what? he’s not knighted? Well, he should be!), geeks everywhere are learning all about the complex chemistry of cooking. One thing that gets pounded into our […]

Knik Foldable Trivet

Watch it! That pan is hot! When dishing out delicious redskin garlic mashed potatoes, or a hot apple pie right out of the oven, or a full skillet full of maple brown sugar thick-cut bacon, it’s best to have the pan right there on the table for maximum deliciosity. Is that a word? Nevermind – […]

Serenity Keychain

“””Midbulk transport. Standard radion-accelerator core. Classcode 03-K64. Firefly.”” With a glance, River Tam was able to immediately identify the ship that would become the home for her brand new extended family. She would spend days luxuriating around the medical bay in a catatonic stupor, or wandering the decks in her bare feet, or braced against […]

d20 Spiral Necklace

The venerable d20 die, that platonic solid whose numerical etchings cast an impartial providence upon friend and beast alike. It holds the power to grant or take life, and even the power to revoke such grants. Imagine such an influential tool intricately cradled in a spiral, that ancient symbol of the cycle of life, death, […]