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Picture.bmp Photo Frame

“Perhaps you’ve got a photo of you and your honey on a beach in Fiji that you’d like to display to the world. Maybe you’ve got a shot of you peering boldly over the edge of the Grand Canyon. Then again, you may have photographic evidence of Bigfoot hanging out at a party with you […]

Mini HoverDrone

When highly evolved nano-aliens descend upon our planet to mine our plethora of carbon monoxide gasses they’ll surely be piloting something like this Mini HoverDrone. This is by far the smallest flying R/C device we’ve ever seen and it’s damn impressive in the air. With a diameter not much larger than a silver dollar and […]

NERF Transforming Assault Blaster

Sometimes you need some shock and awe in your office arsenal. And that’s when you’ll grab your NERF Transforming Assault Blaster. No funny stories here, this blaster is just one of the nicest NERF guns in the world. It shoots great, has a pump-action, shotgun-style reloading, and holds a clip of 6 darts. And it’s […]

Crush – Bottle Collapsing Illusion

Tired of being the smartest person in the room? Don’t you wish you could touch your fingers to your temples, think really hard, and make people’s heads explode? Oh, it would be a lovely way to rid the world of people who shouldn’t be polluting the gene pool. But alas, you haven’t quite mastered head […]

Lord of the Rings Mini Plush

“They walked through fields, through snow, through mountains. They braved storms and snow and swords and arrows. They conquered doubt, fear, and selfishness. The Fellowship – they did all that and never left New Zealand . . . er . . . we mean, Middle Earth. And after the Ring was destroyed, many people wanted […]

Yikerz Magnet Game

Frakking magnets, how do they work? We know, but we’re not telling. Our love of magnets is evidenced in our catalog: there are Buckyball Magnetic Building Spheres, Curiously Strong Magnets, Sushi Magnets, Photoshop Magnets, Periodic Table Magnets, Chinese Magnetic Poetry, and even an Induction Cooktop. So yeah, you could say we’re attracted to magnets (but […]

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Crash 2-pack

“When the TARDIS crashes in young Amelia’s back yard, the Doctor that emerges is still wearing what was left of the 10th Doctor’s suit. It’s ripped, raggedy, and probably a bit burned after the TARDIS’ control room exploded. He’s also wet from apparently falling in its swimming pool. Amelia tries to help by frying him […]

Vertical Wall Mount for Stars Wars Force FX Lightsabers

You’ve been a Jedi for a while. Maybe you first felt the pull of the Force when you were a wee geek, or maybe you were of imbibing age when A New Hope was released. There’s one thing that we’ve all noticed: while we’re trained in lightsaber combat, we actually haven’t had to use our […]

Minifigure Custom Weapons Pack

Security breach in Sector Seven: aliens – lots and lots of aliens. The Minifigure Army knows they need a bit more fire power that the weird flashlight things they’ve been using. They open up the special locker for just such emergencies and pass out some unbelievable firepower. Ensign Liotta grabs a Walther P38 because he […]

42 Utility Towel

“The Towel is perhaps the most important invention of whatever century it was invented in. The Towel is the most massively useful tool to take with you on your trips throughout the universe. It is handy for oh so many reasons: you can sleep on it, rub food and sauces on it for later consumption, […]