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Zombie Mints

Mr. Zombie had a hard day. The morning was full of dodging shotgun blasts and locals with shovels. He had a light lunch (two brains, a kidney, seven feet of intestine, and a peppermint patty he found on the ground) and then decided to check out his favorite discotheque. There he spied the most heinous […]

Wysiwyg Electronic Desk Set

“For millions of years, man and his descendants have been trying to affix their written works into collections. In ancient times, early paleolithic forms of collation was attempted, but it was impractical to move one cave wall close to another without causing a cave-in and killing the artist. Neolithic artisans fared better, but discovered quickly […]

Twistits Cable Organizer

Even if you were born after the invention of the cordless phone, your household probably still had at least one phone with a cord. Maybe it was by the basement door or in the guest bedroom or somewhere else out of the way, but it was there. (Confession: Ours was also a rotary phone.) But […]

Cookie Misfortune Evil Fortune Cookies

“You’ve stuffed yourself full of noodles and wontons and spicy bits of fried chicken. Oh, and egg rolls and dumplings and those crunchy soft things that you’re not sure what they are, but dang are they good. And then the bill arrives – with fortune cookies. The fortune cookies serve to remind you how nice […]

Cordies Cable Organizers

We know things. Things that only geeks who have delved too greedily and too deep could ever discover. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you all of them. But for now, one little revelation. It’s a little known fact that cables left to tangle behind your desk will eventually gain sentience and emerge from the dusty depths […]

Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit

“The human enjoyment of chocolate dates from before the time of the Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs, Incans. More than 3000 years ago, folks in Mexico, Central, and South America discovered the joyous and healthful properties of the cacao plant. Alas, though, most of the things we know as chocolate today are processed so much with sugar […]

Awesomesauce Hot Sauce

“You’ve done it. You’ve succeeded in cooking the best meal on the planet. It sits before you, the aromas of success dancing in the air. You consider calling your parents, the Pope, Guinness Book of World Records, your local Congressperson, someone, anyone – the world must know about your culinary achievement! Just then a giant […]

Prank Powder Decepti-candy

“There is nothing more enjoyable than pranking someone. The thrill of wondering if your subject will take the bait, the enjoyment as you hear them cry out, and the all-day-long internal glow as you witness your subject spend the rest of the day in shame – ah, the simple pleasures of life. Well, we wanted […]

8-Bit Hanger

When Flynn was digitized into the world of the game, he brought a bit of the real world into the computer. Inside, he found lightcycles, tanks, and recognizers – objects so ridiculously cool, anybody would want to have them in the real world. Unfortunately, the doorway to the outside is very narrow. The only thing […]

Peel and Stick White Board

“Ideas come in weird ways. Sometimes inspiration hits when you are at your computer, sometimes while you are in your secret lair (aka: the bathroom). Regardless of where good ideas are born, the important thing is to write them down so you don’t forget. And nothing makes a good geek like customizing workspaces to fit […]